Welcome to AHAVA Prayer and Movement!! Praying from the Parsha!  Moving onto God`s Kingdom Calendar. AHAVA  ~אהבה~ means `Love` in Hebrew.  God put this ministry on our hearts which started from a desire to pray for our families and for Israel.  He gave us the idea to pray according to scriptures related to the weekly Parsha (weekly Torah and related scriptural readings).   

Over 3 or 4 years of praying in this way, He has guided us to to develop a yearly cycle of prayer sheets as a devotional to share His AHAVA Love with you!   We are so thankful to all who encouraged us to make this ministry into a reality.  We were faithful to complete the first step that He gave us, of creating a devotional series ~ Praying from the Parsha ~ to correspond to the five books of the Torah!

We hope this will be an easy to-use-format to start out, as we continue to seek Him for the next stages, including creating the printed books and many other exciting plans!

It is our prayer that you and your loved ones will be blessed as you pray the scriptures in each week for your loved ones, and that you will learn more about the Torah cycle and God’s Shabbat and appointed Feasts as well.   

The yearly cycle corresponds with the Hebrew prophetic calendar that God has given to all His people.  We have been so blessed to discover how moving onto God`s calendar brings us closer to Him,  and in unity with each other in the Body of Messiah.  In the `Movement` section we talk more about `Moving` onto God`s calendar and ways that we can activate our prayers with movement!!

You will find each week a new prayer sheet when you click on the `PRAYER` section.  The scriptures in each week are grouped according to Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Intercession—-for children, families, teachers, schools, body of Messiah and Israel.  

Blessings and AHAVA! 
Love in Yeshua,
Joanne and Aimei

May mercy and shalom and love ~ AHAVA~ be multiplied to you!

-Judah (Jude) 2